Friday, January 13, 2012

Beautiful Jewelry

Fold each of the 6 pieces of paper in half diagonally. If the paper you use, does not add up to a perfect square, trim the edges to form a square.

Make an incision on the 3 lines on each side of the triangle (see photo), check that you are not cut to the edges (to do this, expand). Line incision should be parallel to each other on each side, and their ends must be at a small distance from each other in the middle, but do not touch (do not cut the end). Leave a small gap between them. To facilitate the cutting of lines you can roll the triangle in half. Thus, you cut the paper on both sides, creating a symmetrical snowflake. This principle does not work for thicker paper, as is the number of layers is difficult to cut.

Expand the paper and turn it so that you've been given a diamond shape with which you work.

Paper - a diamond, twist the first two innermost paper strips together to form a tube (see photo). Secure with tape. On each side are triangles.

Turn the diamond, take the following two strips, roll in the opposite side of the first and also merge. The second tube will be more rounded and wider.

Continue to flip the paper and paper combine lines together on opposite sides, while not connect all the strips.
Repeat this process with the remaining 5 th pieces of paper.

3 Squeeze the folded pieces together at one end (connect your fingertips), and second hand stapled them together. Connect the three remaining exactly the same way. Now you have 2 of the snowflakes, consisting of 3 ends.

Combine these two parts in the middle, now you have almost finished snowflake. Connect the beams to each other (see photo). This will help retain the shape of snowflakes.
Make a top hook for hanging a noose - you can now hang the snowflakes on the tree, a window above the door ...

If you want larger snowflakes, use a paper boshogo format. Probably, you will need to cut more lines. But before you make a big snowflake, learn how to do a little.

Ideas for decorating snowflakes: Use colored paper or paint the white paper. Silver, gold, red or green - probably the most appropriate colors to use. Or other colors. The author tried tiny buttons, spots, and sticks, rhinestones or sequins. You can also make up their own jewelry.